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Power Station Globe Valve

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Power Station Globe Valve

Power station globe valves A conical plug moves in and out of the fluid Can be used for shutoff as well as throttling (flow restriction to cause a drop in pressure)in high pressure drop and temperature applications Available in globe, angle, and y-patterns Manual operation or else multi-turn electric actuators are most common 。
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1.Globe valve uses body guided discs which are held concentric with body seat. Guiding is provided at full length of the disc to form a fully body-guided disc.

2.Globe valve are suitable for “blow down” applications for a high differential pressure across the valve when it is partially opened.

Parts features of Globe valves:

Yoke: Two arms design for rigidity and accessibility
Gland bolt: Eyebolt type for easy repacking
Gland and Gland flange: Self-aligning type
Expanded Graphite Seal Ring: Excellent seal performance at low and high Pressure, even under severe pressure and temperature transients
Back Seat: In case of packing leakage, tight backseat sealing achieved with less seating force due to the differential in mating angles between the stem shoulder and the hard faced bonnet backseat.
Stem: Smooth finish ensures seal and smooth operation; upper stem threaded by machine for toughness and increased durability.
Bonnet with cooling chamber: Increases the packing life and seal ability by maintaining packing at normal temperature.
Bonnet pressure seal part: Pressure seal design incorporates a graphite seal which become tighter as the pressure increases.
Disc: Improved seal performance under the high pressure and temperature by use of a plug type disc.
Seat ring: Renewable and easy to replace seat ring are seal welded to minimize distortion from body stress.
Seat surface: Hard faced seat ensures long service life, better resistance to heat, corrosion and erosion.

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