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Lift plug valve

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Lift plug valve

Main features: During opening process, rotates the stem anticlockwise and lift tapered plug moving up and pull the plug sealing surface away from the body seat, the clearance between the body and seals allows free movement without friction. Rotates stem further, with the tilt guide mechanism design, the plug will be turned 90°aligning plug port window to valve body bore that valve is fully opened. Because without abrasion between sealing surfaces, so the operating torque is very low and service life is longer. Twin seal plug valves are mainly used in CAA fuel storage plant, harbor refined oil storage plant, manifold plant, etc.
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Design standard:ASME B 16.34

Product range:
1.Pressure range :CLASS 150Lb~1500Lb
2.Nominal diameter : NPS 2~36″
3.Body material :Carbon steel, Stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Alloy steel, Nickel alloy
4.End connection : RF RTJ BW
5.Mode of operation :Hand wheel, Gear box, Electric, Pneumatic, hydraulic device, gas over oil device;

Product features:
1.Valve with orbit lift and rising stem design
2.Valve can be installed at any position
3.During open and close operation, the tilt and turn action, eliminates friction and abrasion between body seat and plug, small operating torque.
4.Plug is made by anti-wear material, with rubber lining surface, having excellent sealing function.
5.Valve with bidirectional seal
6.Spring-loaded Stem packing design can be available as per customer request;
7.Low emission stem packing according to ISO 15848 requirement is available according to customer request.

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