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Knife Gate Valve

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Knife Gate Valve

manufacturing of knife gate valves, Pishon has a comprehensive range able to respond to all needs and applications. This valve is mainly used for viscous products as the gate has a sharp edge thanks to an external chamfer.
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Product description

knife gate valves – A Series.

Unidirectional wafer‐design knife gate valves. One‐piece cast body with guides to support gate and seat wedges. Provides high flow rates with low pressure drop. Various seat and packing materials available. Face‐to‐face dimension in accordance with CMO standard. An arrow is marked on the body indicating the flow direction. This knife gate valve is suitable for liquids that contain a maximum of 5% suspended solids.


If it is used for dry solids in gravity feed
applications it should be installed with the arrow on the body pointing
in the opposite direction to the flow. Designed for applications such as:

Paper Industry, Mining, Silo emptying, Chemical plants, Bumping Food, Industry Sewage treatment.


Standard manufacturing sizes:
From DN50 up to DN2000

Working pressures

  • DN 50 a DN 150: 10 (kg/cm2)
  • DN 200: 8 (kg/cm2)
  • DN 250 a DN 300: 6 (kg/cm2)
  • DN 350 a DN 400: 5 (kg/cm2)
  • DN 450 a DN 600: 3 (kg/cm2)

  • DN 700 a DN 1200: 2 (kg/cm2)

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